About Us

Welcome to Linyi Wonderful Foodstuff.

We have been in dehydrated vegetable, herbs and spice business since 1998. After more than 10 years experience and innovation, we are proud to act as a leading supplier of dehydrated vegetable, herbs and spice in North, China.

In our new morden production factory built in 2005, which makes up a total area approx. 23000 m², strict management is conducted in accordance with GMP, HACCP, ISO, equipped with and supported by state-of-the-art stainless steel grinding,milling,sieving machine, steam sterilization machine, Multiple metal detection and colour sorting machine etc.

Our task is to provide the market with a hight quality product inspected and supported by international standards. We sell in bulk and are interested in buyers that will distribute and encourage our high quality conventinal and organic dehydrated vegetables, herbs and spice. Please take the time to view our products and facilities.

We would like to commit ourselves to establish a long-term mutually advantageous relationship with our clients.

We would like to see our product succeed in both the international and domestic market., so as to sustain the precious nature and guide to a healthy lifestyle.